In the future, jobs in companies’ administration departments will be supported by IT and require qualified employees. These employees will know how to work with standard systems as a matter of course, but they will also need an in-depth understanding of highly integrated business processes.

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), is taking a new approach: from the start, students learn to consider a company and its processes as a whole. Much of the curriculum is taught using SAP software. This was enabled by the SAP University Alliances program of SAP AG.

A nationwide network of vocational schools, commercial high schools, other schools and Universities interested in business matters are further developing the scenario. The erp4school scenario has two main features:

  • Process orientation
  • Integration of ERP software

The erp4school scenario is implemented using the SAP ERP application as well as ARIS Business Architect. Integrating software from the market leader SAP ensures the program teaches global standards and is based on the latest applications.

The erp4school program is an integrated and process-oriented learning environment specially designed for students to illustrate business processes. Since the launch of erp4school has been a great success within Germany it has a great reputation. This reputation has initiated a demand for a global positioning of erp4school.

To implement these areas, a platform was created based on a standard SAP client on which the described business processes can be mapped. This platform is provided by SAP University Alliances and the University Competence Center organization at the Otto von-Guericke-Universitaet in Magdeburg, Germany. erp4school is now attracting international attention. Schools in many European countries besides Germany have shown an interest in the scenario.