Ten years ago we started to develop erp4school. The main idea was to simplify the use of the SAP system because this software is extremly complex. We wanted to make it possible that even institutions with higher vocational education could work with an SAP system.

The instructions were designed with the focus on business administration and business processes. The intentions of erp4school are:

Meanwhile, we have had ten years experience with the system and with students. We can say that erp4school has made it possible to work with students on an SAP system at different levels. It depends on how interested the the students are and also on the resources of the curriculum.

The opportunities in the labour market have increased significantly for our students.

erp4school has been used as follows:

erp4school is well-known in Germany. Now we are going to provide this learning scenario in other countries. The project will start in South Africa.

Aims of erp4school