To become a member of erp4school, please write an email or call us, and ask for a presentation.

The following workflow will be started:

  1. You will get a data aquisition sheet (data of institution, contact person and so on)
  2. The form will be returned to the CPUT
  3. You will get two contracts
    - Contract with the CPUT/CerpA/UCC (for hosting of the software and money transfer)
    - Contract with SAP Corporation (how to use the software correctly, rights and obligations)
  4. After signing the contract you will get access to the SAP software and an invitation to a workshop (2 -5 days)
  5. The price of erp4school is 950,00 EUR for one year, converted into local currency.

Contact for membership:

Postal adress:

Cape Peninsula University of  Technologie
Ferdo Maree
Facultiy of Business
PO Box 652
Cape Town
South Africa


+27 21460 3281
+27 21460 3102