We have created all instructions of erp4school with datango software.

The whole african community will be equipped with datango software free of charge.


complex technology, ease to use.

datango’s user-friendly rapid content authoring software and its easy recording process enable you to produce company specific lessons.

While you work your way step by step through your application, you automatically produce process descriptions in the form of documentations, lessons, and online helps. During post-processing, these descriptions can easily be supplemented with individual learning comments and further explanations.

The modular lessons are extraordinarily easy to maintain and offer a high level of reusability. Alterations of the application can easily be adjusted through an easy modification of the affected process descriptions."


The whole team of erp4school (CPUT) is equipped with the newest version of RagTime.

Company profil Sales GmbH, based in Dortmund, distributes the business publishing solution RagTime via resellers and distributors in Germany, Europe and beyond. For more than ten years, the RagTime has enabled users to easily and professionally set up office and creative design documents like flyers, leaflets, ads, and price lists.

Product profile

RagTime is the perfect match of an office and a desktop publishing application: the software combines word processing, spreadsheet, diagrams, images, and graphics in a comfortable layout environment. RagTime is easy to use and covers all needs, from the "ad hoc“ set up of simple forms to the database driven production of a multi-language technical catalog. RagTime is offered in identical versions for Mac and Windows, and is licensed for a main and a secondary computer. Thus full compatibility is guaranteed for mixed Windows and Mac installations. RagTime 6, the best RagTime ever, has been available since 2006, and is even easier to use, while incorporating sophisticated design technologies like transparencies, PDF and HTML output.

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